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Electric Bicycles at Talbot's in San Mateo, serving the San Francisco Bay Area.
Electric bicycles by Giant and Liv. Road, Commuter and Mountain Bikes. Available at Talbot's Cyclery in San Mateo Electric bicycles by Giant. Road, Commuter and Mountain Bikes. Available at Talbot's Cyclery in San Mateo Currie electric bikes available at Talbot's in San Mateo
Electric bicycles by Giant. Road, Commuter and Mountain Bikes. Serving the San Francisco Bay Area

There is nothing like the feeling of exhilaration that comes from riding your bike, leaning into the pedals, and going fast. The trees zip past, and you are transported back to that moment in your childhood, the moment your first dared to try to see how fast you could go on your bike. And you flew faster than the wind.

That feeling is what it is like to ride an electric bike. You are faster than Superduperman and nothing can stop you. And its so much fun.

Other than the sheer joy to ride, there are a gazillion reasons why electric bikes are the personal transport vehicles of the future. Like any bicycle, electric bikes enable people to circumvent clogged arteries, park (almost) anywhere they want, and get some fresh air and exercise on their journey. The electric motor makes it possible for ordinary people to get up sisyphean hills, even with a load. For people with longer commutes, the motor cuts the travel time significantly, especially if hills are involved.

The cool part about electric bikes, is they are still bikes. You still get exercise, you still get to have fun outside, you still get places independently; it’s just a little faster and a lot more fun. There are naysayers out there who pooh-pooh the idea of electric bikes, suggesting that somehow they are “not real”; they probably have never considered what it really means to ride a bike for transportation. Like sometimes, you have two 7-year-olds, all their stuff and a grocery run to get home, and your last mile is a 7% grade hill.

Giant and Liv Electric Road & Commuter Bikes

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Giant Quick-E+

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Liv Amiti-E+ 2 - 2018

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Giant Explore E+ 3 GTS

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Giant Electric Mountain/Trail Bikes

Giant Full-E+ 1 SX Pro - 2018

Charge the trail. For total trail control, this full-suspension E-bike… [more]

Giant Full-E+ 3

Charge the trail. Conquer tough climbs. Enjoy long descents. Experience… [more]

Giant Dirt-E+ 1 - 2017

With confident trail handling and integrated power, ride more challenging… [more]


Currie Tech Sport & Fitness Electric Bikes

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