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Frame & Floor Pumps, COInflators & Shock Pumps

We recommend that every cyclist should have two bicycle pumps, one that's carried on rides to repair flat tires (commonly called a "frame" or "mini" pump), and another for checking and topping off tires before rides (called a "floor" pump). While you could rely solely on your frame or mini pump for all inflation tasks, you'll find that a good floor pump with a built-in pressure gauge makes checking and adding pressure much easier. 
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Floor Pumps

A floor pump is the fastest and most efficient way to pump up your tires. It will eliminate the hassle and workout of using a mini or frame pump to top off the pressure before rides. And, if you have a floor pump, you won't wear out your frame pump so quickly. What's more, you'll find great features on floor pumps that make tire inflation almost as easy as using an air compressor.

For example, most of our floor pumps fit both valve types. They have pump heads that lock onto the valve when you're inflating so you never have to hold it in place with one hand while struggling to pump with the other. Our pumps can easily inflate even the highest pressure tires. And our pumps come with stable bases that you stand on for support while pumping. Plus, they have handles shaped and padded for comfort while you're pumping.

So that you can easily check tire pressure, we feature pumps that include accurate pressure gauges with large, easy-to-read faces. The hoses on these pumps are long, too, to make it easy to inflate tires even when the bike is held on a car rack or repair stand.
Giant Control Tower Pro Floor Pump

- AutoHead™ with anodized alloy accents and pressure release button -… [more]

Giant Control Tower 0 Floor Pump Digital Top Gauge

- Easy-to-read 2.5" raised digital gauge with pressure preset - Durable… [more]

Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)
Serfas FMP-500 Floor Pump

Quick and powerful, Serfas' FMP-500 Floor Pump inflates tires to the right… [more]

Giant Control Tower 1+ Floor Pump Top Gauge

- Easy-to-read 2.5" raised gauge - Durable steel barrel and base -… [more]

Product Rating
5.0 stars
 (1 Review)
Giant Control Tower 1 Floor Pump

- Easy-to-read 2.5" gauge - Steel barrel and base - Ergonomic sweeping… [more]

Giant Control Tower 2 HP/HV Floor Pump

- Easy-to-read 3.5" gauge - AutoHead™ with ball inflator accessories -… [more]

Serfas FP-200 Floor Pump

Serfas' FP-200 Floor Pump lets you fill your tires in no time. It has a… [more]

Serfas FP-200 Floor Pump - Classic

Serfas' FP-200 Floor Pump lets you fill your tires in no time. It has a… [more]

Serfas FP-200MTBK Floor Pump-Stealth Black

Serfas' FP-200MTBK Stealth Black Floor Pump lets you fill your tires in no… [more]

Serfas TCPG Floor Pump

Serfas' TCPG Floor Pump sports a reliable aluminum barrel, a comfortable… [more]

Giant Control Tower 4 Floor Pump

- DoubleHead™ valve - Ball inflator accessories included - Plastic barrel… [more]


Frame & Mini Pumps

Frame and mini pumps ensure that you'll get home should you get a flat tire on a ride. Frame pumps are typically longer than mini pumps and require a certain amount of open space on the bicycle to fit. Some frame pumps are spring loaded and fit between the frame tubes. Others, and most mini pumps come with brackets that are mounted onto the frame for carrying the pump. Minis also can be carried in a jersey or pack if you prefer not to adorn your bike with a pump.
Blackburn AirStik 2Stage Minipump

• Lightweight aluminum barrel and shaft • Switchable high-volume and… [more]

Blackburn Mammoth 2Stage Minipump

• Switchable high-volume and high-pressure modes for faster inflation with… [more]

Blackburn AirStik SL Minipump

• Lightweight aluminum barrel and shaft • Dual-chamber design provides 37%… [more]

CO2 Inflators

CO2 Inflators - Road & Mountain

CO2 inflators provide a simple, efficient method to inflate your tires on rides. These pumps utilize CO2 cartridges, which are filled with compressed CO2 gas. The advantages of these pumps is that they weigh very little, fit easily in a bike bag or pocket, and they provide almost instant inflation to optimal pressure, which saves you the inconvenience of spending several minutes pumping.
Genuine Innovations Proflate – CO2 Tire Inflator

Our top of the line CO2 Tire Inflator, the Proflate. From our EZ Connect… [more]

Genuine Innovations AirChuck – CO2 Tire Inflator

Push-To-Inflate technology for fast, easy & controllable single-handed CO2… [more]

Genuine Innovations Ultraflate – CO2 Tire Inflator

Our best selling comfort grip CO2 bicycle tire inflator. Works with all… [more]

Suspension - Shock & Fork Pumps

Many mountain bikes come equipped with air forks and rear suspension that use air as the "spring" to provide shock absorption. In order to increase the pre-load on air shocks, making a stiffer shock, it is necessary to use a pump. A traditional tire pump might seem like the obvious solution, but these pumps do not produce a high enough air pressure to properly fill shocks. That is why you'll need a suspension pump designed specifically for increasing the pressure in air shocks.
Eleven81 Shock Pump

Keep your suspension's air pressure dialed-in with Eleven81's Shock Pump.… [more]