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Unicycles  -  16", 20" & 24" Wheel

Unicycles are one-wheeled vehicles that evolved from the original bicycle, the Penny Farthing, which consisted of a large front wheel and a much smaller back wheel. When this bike hit bumps or suddenly slowed down, the back wheel came off of the ground, so many riders learned to balance on just the front wheel. Manufacturers soon began making vehicles with just one wheel.

Some of the benefits of riding a unicycle include burning calories, and increasing your levels of coordination, concentration and balance. Because unicycles don't have any handlebars, riders must balance using only their abdominal muscles and leg muscles. This helps you build a healthier core. Long cycling sessions also increase your heart rate, which can lead to a healthier cardiovascular system.

All Talbot's Unicycles are sold Fully Assembled - Ready to Ride!

Torker Unistar LX 20" & 24" Unicycle
$175.00 - $185.00

The Torker Unistar LX, Heavy Duty Unicycle steps-up from the CX unicycle… [more]

Torker Unistar CX 24

Torker's Unistar CX is a proven classic. Sporting a steel frame, the… [more]

Torker Unistar CX 20

Torker's Unistar CX is a proven classic. Sporting a steel frame, the… [more]

Torker Unistar CX 16

For the past decade more riders have learned how to ride on one wheel… [more]


Kick Scooters

Torker 16" Kick Scooter

When was the last time you went "Scootering?" Fun for both kids and… [more]



All Talbot's Unicycles & Scooters are Fully Assembled and Ready to Ride!

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